Market Price As At 22nd June 2022
  • White Maize Grade-1 N165,000

About Us

About Nigeria Commodity Exchange (NCX)


To be a global commodity exchange, providing excellent trade facilitation for economic diversification and sustainable growth of the Nigerian economy.


To provide innovative trading platform that engender shared prosperity for all market actors through quality assurance, price transparency and price discovery.

Core Values

Our core values are integrity, sanctity of contracts, transparency, efficiency and reliability.

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Corporate Governance

The ownership and management of the Exchange are completely separate.  The Exchange has a Board of Directors, which determines policy matters of the Exchange as a company. Market decisions relating to operations are delegated by the Board to four standing committees, which include representatives of the promoting institutions, members of the Exchange, commodity associations, warehouse operators/collateral managers, clearing banks and other financial institutions.

The four standing committees are; Membership and Finance Committee, Trading Committee, Clearing House Committee and Arbitration and Vigilance Committee. All the committees shall have established rules and regulations governing their operations and shall meet from time to time on cases relating to each of them and make recommendations to the Board for consideration and approval.

The membership of the Exchange is comprised of Broker Dealer members, Dealer members, and Broker members. The day-to-day administration is delegated to the Management of the Exchange.