Market Price As At 22nd June 2022
  • White Maize Grade-1 N165,000


The Nigeria Commodity Exchange is seeking for reputable and high net worth commodity merchants/exporters to serve as off-takers of over 2,000 metric tons of cashew nuts produced in the ongoing 2021 season by some farmers in Kogi East.

Interested buyers should indicate interest by sending email to

Trading Information

  1. Sellers: Cashew Farmers Union of Nigeria, Kogi State Chapter
  2. Membership Strength: 111
  3. Expected Volume: over 2,000MT.
  4. KOR: 48% and above
  5. Trading Modalities
  6. Aggregation, Assaying and Trading Locations for Cashew nut inventories
  7. At NCX Warehouse, Egume and
  8. At the holding stores for locations that are far away from the NCX warehouse in Egume
  • Selling Price: Current market price at the time of transaction
  • NCX provides mandatory assaying service at a cost to the seller
  • NCX provides security at the NCX Egume warehouse
  • Provision of new jute bags for re-bagging by buyer after transaction
  • Buyer shall be on ground at the warehouse to receive the cashew nuts from sellers after quality certification by the NCX for re-bagging, weighing and stacking.
  • Fees payable by buyer
  • Trading Commission: 0.19%/ton of the current market value of the transactions
  • SEC Fee:  0%
  • Warehousing fee:  0.4%/ton of the current market value of the consignment per month after transaction
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Buyer pays 3 (i & iii) into NCX TSA Account
  • Buyer pays seller via money transfer into seller account or cash payment to the seller.

For further enquiry call 07064015660, 08055362068, 08066800004.